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Contact: Job Snijders <>
The current vantage points are: (rpki-client)
	Hosted at A2B Internet (AS51088), Amsterdam, Netherlands
contact: (rpki-client)
	Hosted at Massar (AS57777), Lugano, Switzerland
contact: (rpki-client)
	Hosted at IIJ (AS2497), Tokyo, Japan

If you would like to host a vantage point too, please reach out
to Job Snijders for coordination. RPKI archiving appears to consume
~ 2 terabyte per year per view.

Customer reviews

Rpkiviews contained exactly the data I needed to investigate and conclusively explain a customer-affecting incident. - Jeff Wheeler, Network Architect

Other RPKI archives

RIPE NCC's RPKI archive:
Granularity: daily
Content: both raw DER files and VRPs